Why Prodigy?

Prodigy was founded on a passion for helping State of California organizations overcome the odds and achieve success in difficult projects. Prodigy’s leadership has a combined 16 years leading cloud-based projects for Government organizations. Our goal is simple, strive to practice what we believe to be the secret to successful projects – a perfect balance of deep technical expertise, creative solutions and problem solving, and project management.

We love what we do. Everyone at Prodigy has a genuine love for helping our customers and building relationships on trust and transparency. Anytime we’re in a position to provide guidance and advice reminds us how fortunate we are to be in the position to help others. While we have a culture of responsiveness and hard work, we have fun doing it.

Meet Our Team

Kyle Green 
Co-Founder, Principal Architect

Kyle co-founded Prodigy Consulting after realizing his unique skill and ability to master cutting edge technology before it’s been widely adopted would best be served by turning State of California Departments’ desire to adopt the cloud into reality. While deploying workloads in the cloud presents its own challenges, he realized the need is even greater to educate, operationalize, and lay the foundational pieces required to make departments successful. Kyle’s in-depth knowledge of Microsoft’s Azure combined with other cloud platform experience provides him with the unique ability to design custom hybrid solutions that meet client’s needs

Prior to Prodigy Consulting, Kyle worked at Planet Technologies as Lead Architect and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) as Senior Engineer where he was responsible for architecting, engineering, and implementing cloud solutions. Additionally, Kyle has over 8 years of experience leading cloud migrations and has migrated over 30 departments to Office 365

Kyle’s enthusiasm for architecting solutions to meet customer’s business needs is not only infectious but unparalleled. After living in California his entire life, Sacramento is not only his hometown, it’s his passion


Daniel Bender
Co-Founder, President of Operations

Daniel co-founded Prodigy Consulting after identifying the State’s need for strong project management experience and implementation services. In tandem with Kyle’s ability to create unique solutions, his ability to implement and operationalize them make for the perfect combination. With a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, Daniel has the unique ability to streamline processes while motivating individuals to achieve top performance

Prior to Prodigy Consulting, Daniel worked at Planet Technologies as Engagement Manager and Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) as Senior Project Manager where he established and grew strong relationships with State of California customers to ensure project success and customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of project management experience Daniel has migrated over 30 departments to Office 365 and managed many cloud migrations projects

Daniel’s strong desire and dedication to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and most importantly to the customer’s satisfaction makes him an integral part of the State’s success with IT projects