Prodigy Consulting helps regional grocery chain cut Azure costs and develop a customized roadmap to improve architecture, governance, and security. 

A large regional grocery chain (Customer) partnered with Prodigy Consulting to help improve architecture, implement governance controls, enhance security, and identify cost savings opportunities. Prodigy Consulting has a deep understanding of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework in addition to years of expertise helping customers be successful with Azure implementations, migrations, and optimization. To provide the customer with insights and actionable recommendations, Prodigy organized the project into two parallel efforts:

Cost Optimization

  • Analyze current usage, services in use, and cost trends
  • Audit for unused resources
  • Audit for Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB)
  • Develop custom reserved instance adoption plan with cost and ROI estimates
  • Assist with purchasing reserved instances
  • Implement cost dashboards and reporting
 Result: Prodigy was able to help customer save just over $200,000 a year in Azure spend by optimizing resources and adopting reserved instances

Health Assessment

  • Complete assessment of existing architecture, governance, and security controls in use in Azure
  • Align current state with best practices as outlined in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)
  • Provide a “report card” of findings
  • Provide actionable recommendations
    • Develop an MVP Cloud Governance Plan
    • Develop comprehensive taxonomy & naming standards documentation
    • Refine subscription structure to utilize Management Group(s)
    • Implement consistent tagging
    • Implement Azure Policy
    • Cleanup & Remodel Azure Role Based Access-Control (RBAC)
    • Migrate remaining Azure Classic resources to Azure Resource Manager
 Result: Provided customer with the necessary information and recommendations to build backlogs and assign tasks to on-staff resources. Accelerated the adoption of a well-architected framework aligned with CAF

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