Prodigy Consulting partnered with California Science Center; a State of California entity part of the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) located in Los Angeles next to University of California. California Science Center (CSC) is one of the West Coast’s largest hands-on science centers and most notably have a permanent exhibit for the Space Shuttle Endeavour. 

CSC partnered with Prodigy to help guide them through the planning, adoption, and migration of Office 365 services. The project included divesting email services from an on-premises and an existing Office 365 tenant operated by a parent organization, the goal being to get CSC into their own autonomous tenancy. In the end, CSC was able to migrate email services and adopt Office 365 with little impact to end users. 

“At Prodigy, our team is no stranger to unique migration scenarios to Microsoft 365. Whether you’re dealing with legacy systems, centralized service providers, or multi-tenant situations, our team has successfully navigated them over the years. We do this by leaning on a tried-and-true approach of emphasizing in-depth planning, project management, and risk analysis prior to any production changes. The result is hopefully a satisfied customer, successful project, and most importantly – happy end users.” – Kyle Green, Co-Founder

During this project, Prodigy helped CSC accomplish the following:

  1. Provision and configure a new Office 365 tenant
  2. Implement Directory Synchronization for Azure Active Directory
  3. Develop mitigation plan for preserving email traffic across two different tenants
  4. Perform pilot migrations
  5. Perform a single cutover production migration
  6. Post migration support

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